Happy Makar Sankranti 2019

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(*Best*) Makar Sankranti Wishes Hindi & English

Makar Sankranti marks the first Hindu celebration in the month of January according to the Hindu calendar. It is and a festival in praise to deity Surya marking the first day of sun’s transit into Makara (Capricorn) which depicts the end of the winter solstice. So are you looking for the best Makar Sankranti Shayari & Poems in the Hindi, English, Gujarati, Tamil & Telugu fonts 2019 for Uttarayan & Kite Day festival? if yes then you come to the right post because On this post, Our team going to publish Makar Sankranti Shayari, Poems, Greeting Cards, Ecards in Hindi, English, Gujarati & Tamil 2019 for Uttrayan & Kite Day for your best friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, lovers, and family. This culture and ritual to celebrate this day come from way back from our ancestors. It is considered a festival of harvest. People celebrate this day by flying a kite, bonfires, Surya puja in the river along with art and dance.

This festival is a traditional and oldest event that happens on an equinox that is the length of day and night remains equally long. After Makar Sankranti, the days grow longer and the nights shorter till the next equinox. It is said that Kite flying is an essential part of this festival. On the auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, people sent SMS and celebrate the most auspicious occasion with their family and friends. The best time to reach out to your loved ones and begin a beautiful phase of life is on festival. It is the perfect time to celebrate and exchange gifts, greetings and messages. People celebrate their festival with family and friends.

Makar Sankranti Wishes in English

  1. May you are Filled with Extreme Joy and Happiness and Start a New Year with Great Enthusiasm and Positivity. Happy Makar Sankranti !!
  2. May the Makar Sankranti fire burns all the moments of sadness and brings you the warmth of joy and happiness and love. Wishing You A Very Happy Makar Sankranti 2019
  3. To sweet friend,
    I send Happy Makar Sankranti
    Wishes for you with love.
    I hope this harvest is the
    Best in the whole year and you
    Have lots of grains to earn profits.Happy Makar Sankranti Friends
  4. As the sun starts northward journey.
    He makes all the happiness of throughout this year.
    I wish you and your family a
    Very Happy Makar Sankranti.
  5. Enjoy The Freedom Play The Kites Game.
    No More Complaints No More Blames.
    Happy Uttarayan With Shining Flames!!
  6. Everywhere Here And There..
    Sankranti Sounds So Much In Flairs..
    Just Start The New Era Of Happiness
    And Prosperity
    With The Unmatched Moments Of Makar Sankranti 2019.
  7. The eternal mystery of life is a new start. Best Wishes for Makar Sankranti!
  8. Imagination is the highest kite one can fly…..Wishing You A Happy Makar Sankranti.
  9. Our thoughts hold the power to build, bend or break our circumstances. Best Wishes for Makar Sankranti!
  10. A Fresh Start,
    A Fresh Finish,
    With Cheerfulness And Grins,
    With Hopes And Satisfaction, many more happy returns of Makar Sankranthi
  11. Look Outside
    It’s so pleasant!
    Sun Smiling for you
    Trees Dancing for you
    Birds singing for you
    Because I requested them all to wish YouHappy Makar Sankrant
  12. May your life be blessed with love,
    May your life be blessed with lakshmi,
    May your life be blessed with happiness.
    Happy Makar Sankranti…!!
  13. This is a time to bring health,
    This is a time to bring wealth,
    And this is a perfect time to bring smile,
    Have a very beautiful sankranti…!!
    Happy Makar Sankranti 2019
  14. What is that bright light?
    from where does this fragrance coming?
    This gentle breeze.. cool air.. hearty music..
    oh! its sankranthi.. Have a nice day!
  15. Happy Makar Sankranti to all my friends.
    We thank sun for burning himself to save us.
    We thank plants sacrificing their life for us.
    And we thank all the creatures helping us to live in this world for some
    Advance Happy sankaranti
  16. A beautiful, bright and delighted day,
    sun entered makar to intense the ray.
    crop harvested to cheer the smiles,
    come together and enjoy the life.
    kites flying high to touch the happiness,
    til mangled with sweet to spread sweetness.
    Time to enjoy the moment with full intensity
    Very happy prosperous Makar Sankranti
  17. From The Depth Of My Heart.
    I Pray And Wish You The Very Best.
    You Are A Cherished Person In My Life
    And Wish You Grow To Celebrate
    More Makar Sankrant Festivals.
  18. The sun is the most glorious
    And the most important to life
    And the festival of makar Sankranti
    Is one of the most important and
    Happy feasts in its honor.
    Happy Kite Flying Day, Happy Makar Sankranti
  19. A beautiful,bright and delighted day,
    sun entered makar to intense the ray.
    crop harvested to cheer the smiles,
    come together and enjoy the life.
    kites flying high to touch the happiness,
    til mangled with sweet to spread sweetness.
    Time to enjoy the moment with full intensity
    very happy prosperous Makar Sankranti.
  20. Like a bright and beautiful kolam
    May your days be sprinkled
    With joy and happiness!
    May the makar sankranti bring
    In new hopes and good harvest for you
    Wishing You A Happy Makar Sankranti!
  21. May your life is blessed with love.
    May your life be blessed with Lakshmi
    May your life be blessed with happiness.
    Happy Makar Sankranti!
  22. Hope the festival of Makar Sankranti brings lots of happiness, bliss, and good times in your life.
  23. With great devotion,
    Fervor and gaiety,
    With rays of joy and hope,
    Wish you and your family,
    Happy makar Sankranti
  24. May I be
    the first 1
    wish u
    A VERY

(*Latest*) Makar Sankranti Wishes, Quotes, Images, Gif’s Latest 2019

Makar Sankranti Wishes Hindi

  1. Purana $aal Jata Hai
    Naya $aal Aata Hai
    Sath ap Sankranti ki Khushiyan
    Lata hai
    Aap ko woKHUSHI
    De Jo Aap Ka DIL Chahta Hai AMEEN
    Happy Makar Sankranti
  2. काट ना सके कभी कोई पतंग आपकी,
    टूटे ना कभी डोर विश्वास की,
    छू लो आप ज़िन्दगी की सारी कामयाबी,
    जैसे पतंग छूती है ऊँचाइयाँ आसमान की।
    मकर सक्रांति की हार्दिक शुभ कामनायें
  3. नजर सदा हो उची, सिखाती है पतंग…
    इस संक्रांति में हमें,
    काम, क्रोध, लोभ, मोह एवं अहंकार जैसे
    पतंगों को भी काटने चाहिए…
  4. Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai,
    sitaro ne gagan se salam bheja hai,
    Mubarak ho apko ye “MAKAR SANKRANTI 2019”
    Humne tahe dil se yeh paigam bheja hai.
  5. Moongfali di khusboo te Gurh di mithaas,
    Makki di roti te Sarson da Saag,
    dil di khushi te apneya da pyar,
    mubarak hove tuhanu Makar Sankranti da tyohar.
  6. Sab friend ko mile sanmati
    Aaj hai makar sankranti
    Sweet friend ug gaya dinkar
    Udae patang hum milkar
    Aakash ho patang se ata
    Sunao wo mara wo kata
    All frend aapko happy makar sankranti
    May Makar Sankranti
    Fill Your Life With Sweetness!
  7. Bajare ki roti,
    nimbu ka achar,
    suraj ki kirne,
    chand ki chandani aur apno ka pyaar.
    Har jeevan ho khushal,
  8. 2019 to all of the family…
    aasman mein udati hain patag rang birangi..
    gur aur til ka rishta hain satrangi..
    khushiyoon aur pyar se bhara humara sath
    hain jese suraj ka rang narangi
    happy makar sankrati 2019
  9. Suraj Ki Rashi Badlegi, Kuch
    Ka Naseeb Badlega, Ye Saal
    Ka Pehla Parv Hoga Jab Hum
    Sab Mil Khushiya Manayege.
    Happy Makar Sakranti
  11. Mithi Boli,
    Mithi juban,
    yahi hai paigam.
  12. Tan mein masti Mann mein umang. Dekar sabko apnapan Gud mein jaise meethapan. Hokar saath hum udayen patang Or bhar le aakash me apne rang.
  13. Makar Sankranti and Pongal Greetings
    Meethe Gurh _Mein Mil GayeTill,
    Udi Patang or Khil Gaye Dill,
    Har Pal Sukh.. Har Din Shanti,
    Aap Sab Ke Liye Laye Makar Sankranti..!!
  14. Dil Ko Dhadkan Se Pehle
    Dost Ko Dosti Se Pehle
    Pyaar Ko Mohabbat Se Pehle
    Khushi Ko Gam Se Pehle
    Aapko Kuch Din Pehle
    Happy Makar Sankranti
  15. सभी दोस्तों को मकर सक्रांति पर्व की शुभकामनाये…
    आपका दिन शुभ और मंगलमय हो ऐसी कमाना करता हूँ
  16. ऊँची पतंग से मेरी ऊँची उड़ान होंगी।
    इस जहाँ में मेरे लिए मंजिले तमाम होंगी।
    जब भी आसमान की और देखोगे तुम दोस्तों।
    तुम्हारे ही हाथों मेरी डोर के साथ जान होंगी।
    तिल्ली भी पीली और गुड़ में मिठास होंगी।
    मकर सक्रांति पर्व पर मेरी तरफ से बधाइयाँ बार बार होंगी।
  17. बंदे हैं हम देश के,
    हम पर किसका ज़ोर?
    मकर संक्रान्ति में उड़े,
    पतंगे चारो और
    लंच में खाएं फिरनी गोल,
    अपना मांझा खुद सूतने,
    आज हम चले छत की और,
    हैप्पी मकर सक्रांति
  18. Aap par Surya devta ke Ashirwad ki varsha ho aur apka jeewan khushi ki anant surya kirno se bhar jaye. Aap sb ko Makar Sankranti ki Shubhkamnaye.
  19. Mandir ki ghanti, Arti ki thali, Nadi ke kinare suraj ki lali, Zindagi me aye khushiyo ki bahar, Apko mubarak ho sankrant ka tyohar.
    Happy Makar Sankran
  20. सभी लोगों को मिले सन्मति, आज है मकर संक्रांति, मित्रों उठ गया है दिनकर, चलो उडाये पतंग मिलक
  21. गुल को गुलशन मुबारक हो चाँद को चांदनी मुबारक हो शायर को शायरी मुबारक हो और हमारी तरफ से आप को
  22. हो आपके जीवन में खुशियाली,
    कभी भी न रहे कोई दुख देने वाली पहेली,
    सदा खुश रहें आप और आपकी Family, :
    Happy Makar Sankranti 2019
  23. टिल हम हैं और गुड आप,
    मिठाई हम हैं और मिठास आप,
    साल के पहले त्यौहार से हो रही है शुरुवात,
    आपको हमारी तरफ से ढेर सारी मुराद
  24. तन में मस्ती, मान में उमंग,
    देखकर सबका अपनापन,
    गुड में जैसे मीठापन,
    हो कर साथ हम उड़ायेंगे पतंग,
    और भर लें आकाश में अपने रंग,
    Happy Makar Sankranti 2019
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